Dress Rehearsal on May 16

Dress rehearsal is as important for dancers as the dance recital. It gives students the opportunity to practice in costume with stage lighting and understand the flow of the show order. At rehearsal, dancers have the opportunity to get accustomed to the stage and backstage areas, as well as being a part of the audience before the recital.

On Thursday, May 16, students will arrive at the Union County Fine Arts Center (926 Panther Overlook Blairsville, GA 30512) dressed in costume with recital hair, and they will sit in the audience with their class. Makeup is not required for dress rehearsal. If your student is in the First Act (see schedule below) they will need to arrive no later than 4:00 PM, and if your student is in the Second Act they will need to arrive no later than 5:30 PM. For dress rehearsal, we allow students to sit in the auditorium to give the dancers onstage the experience of dancing for an audience and to give dancers the opportunity to see the show from the audience’s perspective.

Since we often set and adjust lighting for routines during dress rehearsal, some classes will run their dance more than once. It is difficult to know how long dress rehearsal will last because we lay out the show and set the stage lighting, which means dancers may need to run their dance more than once. When not dancing or changing costumes, dancers will sit in the audience. There are dressing rooms located backstage where dancers will be able to change during the show, as well as during rehearsal. If running routines multiple times appears to put behind our time schedule, we will run our Tap/Ballet combo class routines out of order. This will avoid having combo students waiting to dance until 8:00 at night. They still get the opportunity to practice their dance, become adjusted to dancing on stage and be home before bedtime. If you have any questions regarding dress rehearsal, feel free to contact us and don’t forget that we will still have normal classes Monday 5/13 and Tuesday 5/14 in addition to dress rehearsal Thursday!

Show Order

ACT I: 4:00 Arrival for Dress Rehearsal

  • Superstition Production: All ballet classes ages 7 and up
  • Blairsville Dance Force Elementary
  • Creative Movement
  • Contemporary Large Group
  • Beginning Clogging
  • AcroDance 2
  • Recreational Clogging
  • Lyrical 12+
  • Youth Jazz
  • Dance Fundamentals
  • Hip Hop 12+
  • Hip-Hop/Acro Combo
  • Ballet 12+
  • Belly Dance
  • Delia Jazz
  • Blairsville Dance Force Senior
  • Blairsville Dance Force Young Adult

ACT 2: 5:30 Arrival for Dress Rehearsal

  • Musical Theater
  • AcroDance 1
  • Contemporary Small Team
  • Tap/Ballet Combo
  • Teen Jazz
  • Pointe
  • 7-11 Lyrical
  • Youth Hip-Hop
  • Fairytale Ballet
  • Beginning Clogging, Rec Clogging, BDF Elementary, BDF Senior “Appalachian Superstitions”