Change is Inevitable

Adaptability is always an important skill to develop in life, and it is even more important in times of uncertainty. We have all learned to adapt with the recent changes life has thrown at us. Home schooling. Learning to work from home. Finding ways to see our loved ones while remaining socially- distanced. Many of us have found a resourcefulness in ourselves that we didn’t even know existed!

In this environment, Blairsville Dance has learned how to adapt as well. Online classes. Outdoor practices. Revising our recital plan from an in-person show to a feature film that will be shown at the drive-in.

And with continued uncertainty about the future of our public health and our economy, we have created new plans for the delivery of the Blairsville Dance Family experience. We are excited to announce that when our annual 10-month season begins as usual on August 17, we will be offering additional dance options for those who aren’t yet comfortable committing to a full in-person season. This year, Blairsville Dance will be splitting the dance season into 4 quarters. Families may register for the full season and receive a cost-savings, or they may register for an 8-week option.

In-person packages are $145 for 60-minute classes and $100 for 30-minute classes. In addition, we are also offering online class options that range from $75-100 for the 8-week sessions. You can find the full assortment of options by visiting and clicking on the Online Store. This is where the 8-week package options are. If you are interested in the discounted pricing of the annual package instead, you will still visit, but instead of clicking on the Online Store you will instead select Register for Classes. Annual classes range from $320-480 for 4 quarters, and monthly installment plans are available.

Quarter 1 will begin the week of August 17 and run until Union County Schools Fall Break on October 12. At the completion of the Quarter, dancers will have an informal in-class performance for families in their class attire. Quarter 2 will begin the week of October 19 and run through December 18. Dancers who participate in Quarter 2 classes will have the option to participate in “Not the Same Old Nutcracker.”

Quarter 3 will begin the week of January 4. For older students, the expectation is that they continue through recital in May. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the dances, students will be unable to join these classes past the start of Quarter 3. For the little ones, Quarter 3 will end at the end of February, and Quarter 4 will begin in March and run through the recital.

We will be offering less classes for the start of the season, but new classes will be added in October. This is partially due to the uncertain state of COVID-19 in our community, but mostly coincides with our beloved Mrs. Molly’s pregnancy! She and Ms. Angela will be teaching together for some classes in Quarter 1, but by Quarter 2, she will be ready to join us back full-time, and we are super excited to meet Graycen! Hip/Hop Acro and Tap/Ballet Combo will begin in Quarter 2. For Quarter 1, we suggest our young dancers join us for Dance Fundamentals, Beginning Clogging or one of our other excellent options with Ms. Angela, Ms. Brett or Ms. Angie! In Quarter 2, we will also begin Musical Theatre.

We appreciate all the support we have received, not just recently, but over the past 14 years. We are pleased to continue to serve our community and excited to kick off our 15th season!