First Recital: Tips to Make the Night Extra Special

First Recital


Many of our dancers will be performing in their very first dance recital on May 21, and this is a very special rite of passage for dancers. However, dance recitals can be daunting for little ones and even for parents – especially when neither one knows what to expect. With this list of tried and true tips, as well as some additional resources, we will turn every dancer and dance parent into recital experts before the big night arrives!

  • No Underwear – this is something no one really talks about when discussing dance recitals, but unfortunately whatever adorable underwear your dancer tends to wear creates lines and can even poke out from their costume. So, fair warning – no underwear can be worn with their recital costume!
  • Label Everything – we cannot stress this enough. With multiple students in each class and dancers coming and going from the holding room shoes, hairpieces, and even costumes can get lost in the hustle. So even before dress rehearsal, be sure and put your student’s name on EVERYTHING: shoes, hairpieces, costumes, tights, etc.
  • Bring Extras – again items can get lost or even forgotten in the rush of recital night, so be sure and bring extras of items you think you may need. We suggest bringing extra bobby pins, hair ties, safety pins, tights, hairspray, and makeup for any touch ups that might need to be made.
  • Make a Checklist – if you tend to forget items in the adrenaline rush of special events it is best to make a checklist of all the items your dancer needs i.e. costumes, tights, hairpieces, accessories, shoes, activities, snacks, etc.
  • HAVE FUN – dance recitals are supposed to be fun! If you let yourself get caught up in the stress of preparing for dance recital you may forget that this is supposed to be a celebration of your dancer’s hard work throughout the year. We have many dancers, assistants, teachers, and backstage hands with years of experience who are here to help make this night as special as possible for you and your dancer. So, relax, grab your seat, and take in the art our dancers create for you onstage!

Additional Tips and Resources: